Parures de Lumières


Welcome to a world of great female figures and illustrious jewels that follow their trail.

I'm Marie-Laure Colomban,a passionate about History since my childhood and living it through the prism of the Living Historical Events. Formerly a graduate costume designer, my paths have led me from the costume making to an element that is an integral part of clothing: the Jewelry. Like a temporary traveler, I walk my shoes from the Golden features of Versailles in the 17th century to the Art Deco dancings through the Napoleonic era.

From my experiences, I specialized as a historical costume designer. Since the beginning of this adventure, jewelry manufacturing followed in parallel the design of the costume to form a coherent whole. Then I decided to create a wide range of jewelry inspired by the history and the great female figures who are famous or to be discovered. Why Parures de Lumières ? Parure comes from "Parer" in french, my native language and literally means to display in a refined and elegant manner. Lumières, meaning « Lights », because each pearl, each stone diffuses its brilliance to divinely show the person who carries it!

Born in Paris and recently settled in the Netherlands to follow my companion, I create jewelery in my small studio on the edges of the canals of my Dutch city: Enkhuizen. Stronghold city among the Dutch commercial ports in the 17th century, its ships traveled the East Indies bringing back the most precious materials from the other side of the world. It is in this atmosphere so propitious that I inspire myself and creates complete ornaments. I am creative, but above all awake and eager to illuminate the life of my contemporaries. I am convinced that in each woman lies an unknown beauty that only asks to hatch such a majestic lily, my emblem embedded in a diamond that you will find all around me.

Many more creations will come as the company grows and I will constantly offer new models for you to find inspiration! You will find more details on my line of creation in the page : About My Jewellery.

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