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About My Jewelry

Imagine a delicate atmosphere, where is melting the fragrance of the majestic lilies and the brilliance of light sent back by jewels arranged on your table illuminated by the flame of candles in a soft light. In the secret of your boudoir, you choose the finest adornment to seduce, going to dance or feel beautiful every day simply !

I offer you the possibility to have in your finery box an authentic jewel of quality while remaining affordable. Let yourself be carried away by the history of these known or unknown Grand Ladies who inspired me these adornments. Choose the one that echoes your style or meet them by mixing jewelry! Each feminine silhouette embodies a particular type of jewel that evokes feelings, an atmosphere and a style of its own. The jewelry sets the light of the beauty of the soul, as the stones can also be charged with energy and radiate the elegance and beauty of the wearer. The adornment is like a messenger ahead, just like the garment, it talks before a word has been pronounced.

Each piece from my collection has been carefully studied by long historical researches and then hand-mounted by myself. The models in my collection have been chosen to be a faithful replica of the period jewelry. It can be either the exact replica of a jewel preserved over generations, or a reconstruction using the designs involved at the time according to the portraits. There may be a slight share of interpretation in the case of rare jewelry. I have concentrated all my endeavors to bring rich and varied details into each adornment and I strive to invest more and more in this direction.

The historical reenactor who will to attend an event, or the museum wishing to embellish its exhibitions with a touch of authenticity, you both you will find your happiness between the sparkling stones of the 18th century, the delicate gold filigree of the 19th century, or the natural pearls of a thousand different materials worn by the ladies of the Napoleon I ‘s court f. Each product is accompanied by historical elements and my personal searches. A pinterest board will be available for further searches so you may find inspiration on how to wear these jewelries. The blog section is regularly updated with articles on the History of Jewelry and how to wear it.

I select quality materials such as genuine Swarovski crystals assembled in nickel-free and lead-free frames for more comfort. Beads of bohemian crystal or natural material such as coral, all come to enhance the collections centered around a great lady of History. Each product is controlled to ensure its durability and its origin. It is even possible on certain Parures to personalize small details such as gold or silver finish or length to fit the historical costume or the modern little black dress!

The collection will keep always growing and I will offer very diversified designs to fit quality and good prices so that everyone can find his happiness !

The satisfaction of all my clients is my top priority. Each shipment is carefully packaged and traced with insurance. If the product does not meet the demand, I am open to exchanges and you will be assured of a high quality after-sales service. I invite you to consult the General Conditions of Sale for more details.

Looking forward dear customer to meeting you in person in between waltz at an Emperor's grand ball or by hearing a skirt rustling while comfortably running my Dutch bike!

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