Clause n° 1 : Object

The following conditions apply to all sales contracts related to the PARURES DE LUMIERES company (purchased via the website www.paruresdelumieres.com) represented by Marie-Laure Colomban, (creator and owner of the mark) (Mentioned below as I or MY or Her or The Creator or MARIE-LAURE ) and his / her client (Mentioned below by the Client or YOU or HER or HIS). Terms may vary only with my written agreement.

Each purchase from Parures de Lumières necessarily involves the unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.


Clause n° 2 : Ordering

The purchase is made via the website www.paruresdelumieres.com. Select the item you want and place it in the shopping basket. Pay attention to select the correct option for some items like earrings.

Some objects can be customized with parameters, all of which are mentioned in the description of the corresponding object..

Are you interested in a jewel but with a different color variation ? Customs orders can be taken. All information needs to be requested at contact@paruresdelumieres.com


Clause n° 3 Prices and payments

The prices of the goods sold are those in valid on the day of the order. They are denominated in € or local currency and are All Taxes Included. I agree the right to modify these price rates at any time. However, I undertake to invoice the goods ordered at the prices indicated at the time of registration of the order.

Once you have placed the order, it must be payed immediately. No orders will be validate until the full price including the object and its shipping has been payed on the same day.

Accepted methods of payment: Credit and Debit Bank cards via the website, bank transfers and Paypal ( soon). Checks are not accepted.


Clause n° 4: Shipping

Delivery methods are using the PostNL service. The delivery time indicated when registering the order is given as an indication and is in no way guaranteed. Consequently, any reasonable delay in the delivery of the products will not give rise to the benefit of the Customer to compensations of damages and the cancellation of the order. When the creator is marked as « absent » for any reasons, you may still place your order but will expect a longer manufacturing and delivery time depending on your location. The absence will be clearly notified on the website.

 Customs Duties and amount declared: The import taxes are at your charge and I will not allow any cover or refund. Please check with your local postal services for the amount of this tax. In order to ensure safe delivery, the exact amount of the item will be declared on delivery in accordance with the prices fixed at your order. No falsification will be possible . If you live in a EU country, no additional tax will be applied.

Postal rates: The terms "Zone 1, 2, 3" correspond to price lists established by my Dutch local post office. Your country is classified in one of these categories and each of them has its own price rate. Visit to see the full list of countries ans exclusions here : https://www.postnl.nl/en/mail-and-parcels/parcels/tariff-zones/.

In case the total number of your order exceed the mailbox size, I will kindly ask you to pay a supplement which corresponds to your new package rate.

Tracking option are available only for these countries : Belgium ,(Republic of) Ireland , Romania, China, Italy, Russia, Croatia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Korea, Singapore, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Finland, Luxembourg,  Sweden, France, Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Malta, Turkey, Hong Kong, Moldavia, United-Kingdom, Hungary, Nigeria, United States, Iceland, Poland, Indonesia, Portugal .


Clause n° 5 Complains and Returns :  

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me by email at contact@paruresdelumieres.com and I will answer you as quickly as possible . Once you have received your package, you have a right of withdrawal of 15 days maximum. After this period, no exchange, refund or modification on the product will be possible.

Modifying the size of a jewel : I would be happy to modify a size of necklace or bracelet that would not fit. Be careful though, due to the manufacturing technique of some jewelry, it is impossible for me to change their size. I recommend that you use a thread placed around your wrist or neck to preview the length.Most sizes have been thought to fit the most people so you should not have any problems. More information in the description of each object.
In case of altering a jewel’s size, you will have to pay the shipping costs in both way(return of the product to Parures de Lumières and the new shipment towards you sending the modified product to the customer I do my utmost to ensure that your jewelry is securely packed. Unless otherwise stated in the description of a product, no structural modification is possible to a jewel such as a stone color change or setting color change. However, customs order may be placed on request at contact@paruresdelumieres.com.

In case of broken or altered jewelry : I carefully pack your jewel so it arrives in perfect condition. However, troubles may happened. If you find your jewel deteriorated or broken at the opening of the package, take immediately a photo and send me a message to : .... Most of my products are insured and therefore, you will be able to get your money back.  

Refund : If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it not worn and withing its original packaging within a maximum of 5 days. You will be refunded up to the purchase price minus 10% restocking fees. The 5-day period can be checked with the return delivery method. The return delivery must be done with a tracking number and you will have to pay the return costs. If the package does not reach me within 30 days, or if the jewel is declared lost or broken, no exchange or refund will be possible.


Clause 6: The Custom Jewelry making Services.

Parures de Lumières is proud to offer you the possibility of creating your own unique jewelry ! Marie-Laure can create or recreate a unique parure. You may send inspiration pictures or ideas to the jewellery creator Marie-Laure and she will discuss the project with great pleasure ! The Message is to be send at contact@paruresdelumieres.com

Custom service conditions: The quote and its alterations are free. Once the quote has been accepted, a first deposit equal to half of the total value of the jewel will be required to allow the creator to buy the materials. The additional hours of work and research that will have been required for the creation process will also be charged. These informations will be communicated to you on the invoice and varies from one custom order to another.

The creator will not accept the order if the jewel exceeds her manufacturing capacity or the possible fields of use of her tools. It is possible to take inspiration from an already existing piece of jewel dating from the Middle Ages until the 1950's. After this date, it will not be possible to make an exact copy of the parure for intellectual property issues. Likewise, the designer is limited by a number of elements such as stone colors or pre-existing shapes. A solution is always possible, thank you for giving all the informations and your  ideas to the designer in order to create the jewel that will satisfy you.

In case of cancellation of the project: Cancelling the project before paying the first deposit is free of charge. If the payment of the first deposit has occured, it means that the creator has already worked on your project. Therefore, this first deposit amount  will not be refundable to compensate for the loss of materials and working time.

The jewelry set will be delivered only after receiving  the full amount requested. Similarly, no returns or cancellations will be possible after the delivery of the jewel.

Copyrights and uses of the model:  The creator is and will always be the owner of the original design and its variations, even after the custom jewel has been manufactured. made. The customer has the possibility of reserving the exclusive use of the modelfor a specified period of time  according to his/her needs and his/her desires. This service may be subjected to additional costs and is decided with the creator.


Clause n° 7 Maintenance of jewelry and conditions of wear. 

All jewelry items must be cleaned in accordance with the instructions provided in the item description and in the small card accompanying your package. I will not be held responsible for damages created by the Customer not following the recommendations.

These jewelry is handmade and should be treated with the greatest care. Historical jewellery has its own way of wearing it. Please be carefull on how you stand  and in most cases, I suggest that you don't run or bend when wearing a certain jewellery like crown or tiara's. The jewel should not be worn in bed or in the shower, bath and should be removed to wash your hands. I am in no way responsible for damage associated with normal wear and tear during the lifetime of the jewel. Similarly, any breakage which is not due to the delivery can not be repaired and no clearing or reimbursement will be possible. These Jewels are intended for Adults and are not a toy. Keep out of the reach of small children: Risk of suffocation or strangulation due to the presence of small parts and chains.

Upon allergies: I try hard to guarantee you all my  products Nickel and Lead free to avoid any risk of allergy. However, if you present a severe allergy to one of these products. I will not be responsible for any severe irritation caused by produced that has been sold to me by my suppliers as nickel and lead free. If you are really sensitive to these products,  I strongly recommend you to use a special polishcoat of protection to be applied upon pieces directly in touch with your skin. I recommend you the "Jewelry Shield" which you can find almost everywhere on the Internet.


Clause n° 8 Limitation of Responsibilities / Specification of size etc ...

By purchasing your jewelry at Parures de Lumières, you choose the quality and love of work well done. I use exclusively high quality elements and natural stones. Please note that measurements of stones, settings, pearls, colors and shades given in the description are only indicative. I strive to offer you an impeccable photo quality to give you a fair idea of the product. It is possible however that it does not match exactly the product and I could not be held responsible for this difference due to adjustments of lights and contrast of a screen. This applies to all products offered by Parures de Lumières.

Unless otherwise stated, the jewels offered for sale are not in any case the exact copies of those represented in the photographs, paintings and illustrations which accompany the jewel. The use of visual references other than those belonging to Parures de Lumières are given as illustration and inspiration for the client. They are the property of their authors.


Clause n° 9: Protection of personal data.

I undertake to respect the confidentiality of the information required to process the order transmitted by the customer. These personal data are in no way intended to be marketed, rented or disclosed to third parties, except under cover of the legislation. You have the right to access and rectify this data at any time by contacting me by email at contact@paruresdelumieres.com.


Clause n°10 : Intellectual Property 

My products are original creations that have asked for a lot of design research. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use the photos belonging to Parures de Lumières whether they are photographs of products or illustrations without authorization. Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to resell on a regular basis any creation or part of a jewel belonging to Parures de Lumières.

Parures de Lumières is a registered trademark. Therefore, any work related to this company needs to ask the permission of its author by contacting : contact@paruresdelumieres.com.


Clause n°11 : Case of Force majeure

The responsibility of Parures de Lumières can not be implemented if the non-performance or the delay in the performance of one of its obligations described in the present general conditions of sale arises from a case of force majeure. (Any external, unpredictable and irresistible event)


Clause n°12 Juridiction :

The Dutch laws regulate the sales contracts between Parures de Lumières and The Customer.

Any disputes arising from Jurisdiction of the Netherlands courts.


LEGAL NOTICE: Parures de Lumières is owned and directed by Marie-Laure Colomban living in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands. The company is registered and protected under the laws of the Netherlands and EU at the Dutch Trading Chamber ( Kamer Van Koophandel) under the number : 68511876 . VAT number : 413191011B01.


 Thank you very much for your confidence and see you soon on Parures de Lumières !